Latest News from Strictly Worcestershire 2014


All the proceeds for our evening are going to the following charities.

Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.
The Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign is a registered charity (charity number 51895) with the aim of raising £1.8million. This money is to fund the establishment of a new, dedicated Breast Unit at Worcester Royal Hospital for use by women and men across Worcestershire for all breast related issues.

worcestershire breast unit campaign
  Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer.
Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer was established in 2000 by Veronica Kumeta and the late Sue Macmaster, after their friend Carol Knaggs was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Having raised money for Breast Cancer before the idea was to control where the money went, rather than giving it to national charities, so we contacted the Queen Elizabeth Birmingham and started working exclusively with them.

Fighting breast cancer

Be there!

All proceeds to Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign and Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer. Partners - Nexus Creative, Project, AGCountryHomes, Chris Green MEdia, Intasound PA.